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Kids Related Activities

The activities for the kids help to develop the kid as a whole. The kids activities are extremely beneficial. The activities for the kids boil down to develop the educational skills and personality of the kids. The activities of the kids range from scientific, to arts and crafts to musical activities. The activities classify the skills learned by the kid as a result. These activities boost up the self confidence , creativity and independent discovery of the kid. Check out the following kids learning activities :
Scribbling : Kids have their first brush with drawing through scribbling . Schools have boards so that a child can scribble anything . This activity gives the child a sense of importance and also develops the coordination of eye and hand.

Playing with Blocks : Blocks is an excellent educational activity for kids as it helps the children to learn various types of colors and they also begin to understand the towers , cars or buildings or roads .Blocks also allow the kids to know about shapes , patterns and balancing .

Role Enacting : Place before the kids , the toys of the items that are used at home like appliances used in kitchen , gardening kits etc. This helps the kids to learn about the items used at home and also the concepts of the items which further widens their horizons of learning .

Children's Craft Art : Kids love to make toys , cards , festival decorations . Just help kids create craft kit from throwaway stuff .Like decorating a hen's egg . You can also arrange for printable coloring worksheets for the children and make loads of craft items .

Online quiz for kids : Various online quiz for the kids on people , places , festivals etc are very useful. The Kids' quizzes on sport , computer , human body are informative too.

Download online sheets for coloring and the kids can go wild . Find for Lord Ganesha , Indian festivals , animals in the kids' drawing book.

Word Play activities for the kids which is designed for fun and helps kids to learn antonyms , grammar , sentence construction etc.

Magic Math is the cool math for kids . They can count the ice creams and teddies in the math games . Online maths simply add joy for the kids .

Balloon Ghost is a very interesting activity for the kids . It is an innovative movable cute ghost which can be formed from plastic bags and balloons.

Kids can also read story books online which also features the fascinating pictures of the stories .

Kids can also play many interesting online games like Elephant Ball , Football , Rocks etc with the help of parents .

Kids can learn the value of time through Paper Clock .This kid craft develops the mental growth of the children.

Sand games help the kids unleash imaginations .Kids are provided with a tub of sand , hollow shaped blocks and spade. The kids can make various structures and figurines . This improves eye-hand coordination and muscle development .

Sing ,Dance and Learn : Kids can be taught about vegetables ,flowers , fruits and other things through song and dance .Make the information reach the ears of the kids through songs as songs are well-cemented in their soft hearts.

Family Book is one of the interesting activities for the kids . Help your kid to paste the pictures of the family members on the alternate pages of the kids sketchbook. This activity promotes the family bonding in the kid.

Finger paints at home is an exciting activity for the kids . Let your kids go wild with the newspaper sheets ideal for finger painting. Make the finger paint bowl with cornflour and water . Then add this to boiled water. Add food colors and spoon out little amounts into bowls. Add food colors to make 4 shades of finger pain. Allow to cool. Then the kids can have loads of fun with them.
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